BAC Financial Services with more than 30 years of experience
is a leader in the international market providing advice
and financial solutions..

Bac Financial Service is a financial services company focused on family, patrimonial and corporate protection in the areas of life insurance, health, investments, loss of income and reinsurance programs.

We are part of the Grupo Pellas organization, one of the most solid conglomerates in the region with more than 130 years of history, successfully establishing itself in the financial, commercial, health care, technology and agro-industry industries, with presence in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

We started our operations in response to the growing need of the Pellas Group to obtain adequate insurance coverage for executives and clients at the international level, developing ourselves until becoming the international model to follow.

We lead the Latin American market as a dynamic and recognized company serving through our strategic consultants in more than 23 countries.

Awarded for our service, development and production work.


  • Advise our clients and consultants with innovative proposals and quality services that add value to their financial objectives.
  • Support and prepare our consultants to achieve their goals and professional development.
  • To constitute a stable platform where our team can carry out its professional growth.


Maintain our leadership in the international market being recognized for our dedication, professionalism and experience.


Integrity: Our relationships and actions are governed by the strictest sense of ethics and transparency.

Reliability: Our commitment and perseverance make us worthy of the trust of our clients and consultants.